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Nordamerikanische Indianer in der Gegenwart.

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Faithful Translations: New Discoveries on the German Pietist Reception of Jonathan Edwards

Bad Segeberg , S. Wilhelm Vinzenz: Feuer und Wasser. In: Karl May-Handbuch. Stuttgart , S.

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Eine Archiv-Edition. Bad Segeberg; vgl. Brauneder, wie Anm.

Downs: The Navajo. Austin ; Clyde Kluckhohn u. Dorothea Leighton: The Navajo. Cambridge ; Ruth M. Underhill: The Navajos. Geschichte der nordamerikanischen Indianer. Underhill, wie Anm. Ouray; Waldman: Encyclopedia, wie Anm. In: Exemplarisches zu Karl May. Frankfurt a. The most comprehensive bibliography of scholarship on Edwards is Lesser , M.


Columbia : University of South Carolina Press , Stein , Stephen J. New York : Cambridge University Press , , Similarly Michael McClymond's has argued that there was virtually no German interest in Edwards the revivalist from the mids to the mids. Crisp , Oliver D. New York : Oxford University Press , , — , Gregg Halle : Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen , , — The Solingen edition is not listed in Johnson , Thomas H.

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For a recent assessment of the larger importance of eighteenth-century transatlantic Protestant revivalism, see Roeber , A. For the eighteenth century it contains an excellent survey of the intertwining histories of Pietism and early evangelicalism in North America by Roeber , A. Jahrhundert , vol. Still, much remains to be done in this area. Frank Lambert and others have argued convincingly that while the Great Awakening should be seen as a narrative construct, it was the product of the interpretative work done by eighteenth-century evangelical communities rather than the retrospective invention of nineteenth- and twentieth-century church historians.

Jahrhundert , ed. The literature on colonial revivalism and the development of American evangelicalism is vast. Colmann in Boston erlassenen Briefes mitgetheilet, und von Herrn D. Watts und D. Consistorial-Rath, General-Superint. Coleman in Boston, of which an English edition was published in London last year by Mr.

The History of the USA I

Watts and Mr. Amsterdam : Hendrik van Bos , Starting in the s, this early enthusiasm for Edwards the revivalist paved the way for a broader and lasting attention to his dogmatic and polemical works among Dutch Reformed theologians. Stein, Although celebrated in his own day, Steinmetz today tends to be treated as a second-rank figure by German scholarship on Pietism. Mit einer Vorrede Sr. Ein Repertorium Epfendorf : Bibliotheca Academia , Scheidhauer, operating in Magdeburg and Leipzig. Catalogus alphabeticus Bibliothecae B.

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