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Bonne visite! The interest for corruption by academics and policy makers has generated a growing body of literature since the end of the Cold War. This paper presents a literature review on the economics of corruption with an emphasis on solutions to fight corruption. Even though an important mass of information on the subject exists, researchers have focused more on identifying the effects of corruption and less on potential anticorruption solutions.

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I focus on approaches devised to combat corruption, suggested in economics and other disciplines, and point to some directions for future research on anticorruption solutions. Berninghaus et al. Encore une fois, plusieurs questions demeurent en suspens. En effet, Djankov et al.

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Chaudhury et al. La prochaine section examine ces questions.

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En effet, si un agent est corruptible, pourquoi son superviseur ne le serait-il pas? Par exemple, Persson et al.

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