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What I will do is recommend that you build your own First Aid Kit instead of buying one of those prepackaged first aid kits that claim to have things to get you through any emergency. While some are ok, in my experience these types of kits are usually filled with a lot of stuff you are unlikely to need and not enough of the things you will probably need a lot of. Plus, building your own first aid kit gives you an intimate knowledge of what it contains and how to use it.

Bad Idea. Basic Gear sounds repetitive what have I been talking about? Many survivalists will not like this list because it is not exhaustive by any means, but again I will say: It will be enough to get you by for a couple of days. Rain Gear — at least 2 ways to stay dry in the rain. Fire — A bare minimum of 3 different ways to make fire. With that you can get a flame but you will have to actually build the fire up too: 5 Ideas for Fire Tender. A small backpacking stove and fuel are better.

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Light — At least 2 dependable flashlights and a backup set of batteries for each. Being prepared to defend yourself is part of the survivalist mindset. Obviously a firearm of some sort is best for this. Though not in all situations I will not go into specifics about what type of gun you should bring because that is hotly debated and really a personal choice.

Take what is comfortable to you. Outside of guns your survival knife could be used as weapon if you had to. Also something as simple as a big walking stick or club can be a strong deterrent for bad guys. Once you get these basics covered you can begin to test and refine your Bug Out Bag with other useful gear and prepare it for longer term survival situations. Support SurvivalCache. We allow a limited number of ads on SurvivalCache.

If you find our site useful, you can support us. Do you have a passion for writing or a great article idea? Send us an Email. I'm really looking forward to more Lego posts. While I only have one son playing Legos, they are well, you know everywhere! Nothing has worked. This post is timely because we wanted to do a "Lego Christmas" this year Where do you get all your legos? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots at the stores. All I can ever find is the sets with highly specialized pieces just for those sets.

I want just a large quantity of the building blocks and bases. Can you give me advise on where to buy them? I swear we have thousands of legos. The only way I could lasso them up was with plastic bins. That after my feet had been gauged to death after stepping on them trying to cross the playroom, lol. Western Warmth, I would check Amazon, most of our legos were actually mine and my husbands when we were kids, a lot of their newer ones are the sets as you mentioned. My son just turned 5 and he is starting to really get into legos.

I am struggling with how to store them. We have them in one big bin and separated by color in individual quart size ziplocs. Not sure it is really working that great. I LOVE the idea of a build bucket!

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I organized a home once for a family who's son was Lego obsessed. The mom hated that he would dump the big bins of Legos onto the floor because they were never all put away again. So, we used long plastic bins that roll under the bed to store his Legos in. The bins are shallow, so he could find what he was looking for without dumping the whole bucket out. When he's finished playing, he can roll the bins back under the bed and they're out of the way! This is great!!

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My son is getting into them and my daughter has some as well. I was planning to buy more for xmas so this will come in handy. Jen, I am excited about these posts. My 11 yr old son has every available flat surface covered with Legos. Not individual pieces, completed projects. He cannot possibly take them apart once they are built, although he says building is his favorite part. I found a shelf with 12 buckets for storing pieces, one for each color, one for mini figures, etc.

But I'm anxious to hear if you have any ideas for storing completed projects. Other than under the bed, on the desk and dresser and on every shelf in his closet!

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Have you ever tried to dust Legos? If I didn't love Legos so much, I would be tempted to box them all up. But I do love them, so I close the door to his room instead : Thanks so much, Jen, you have been inspiring me to tackle some unorganized areas in my home. If your just starting out and want lots of basic pieces I suggest E-bay. You can buy them by the pound and get a good selection that way. My boys prefer the special pieces and purchase from E-bay all the time. They are 9 and I am loving the build bin idea1 I have a nice storage system started but with having the house on the market and being in transition it is not currently finished as we don't know what the new house will be like.

The Bug Out Bucket

Looking forward to the rest of the LEGO posts! Hi Jen, My son is 10 years old and a lego-man through and through. It's great for him to use his imagination, but we had similar challenges keeping the endless little pieces organized. He sorted "like" pieces, and put them in the various drawers. I love having the table in his room so he can have on-going projects, and the pieces stay organized in his room :.

My daughter isn't old enough for legos yet, but I love them and we'll probably get them. Looking forward to what other lego ideas you have! I can't wait to see all of your ideas! I am in the midst of reorganizing our many Legos to make room in our house for incoming foster children. This is very timely! I have lots of ideas and have done lots of research online to make my plan.

Food Storage Bug Out Buckets Specialty Buckets And Transition Buckets For Preppers Torrent

I do love the work in progress buckets; we really need those! Hi Jenny, I am lovin' your lego solution! Looks great! As for my own solution, I keep my son's lego pieces colour co-ordinated and stored in clear ziplock bags, then stored again in different coloured plastic buckets because he has loads of it. These buckets are then kept in a galvanised shelving unit.

Looks awesomely boyish!

I must say, I now want to create an in-process bucket for his current projects that aren't quite finished. Thanks for the inspiration!