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The natural strength of whey protein makes Vermont Natural Coatings Exterior Penetrating Stain a protective, environmentally safe finish for all exterior wood applications. It is non-toxic, has low odor and contains no biocides, fungicides or anti-microbial agents. The pigments act as a natural UV inhibitor.

By using recycled whey protein, Vermont Natural Coatings eliminates the need for heavy metal driers, toxic co-binders and carcinogenic solvents typically found in wood finishes. The whey used in this product is a natural by-product of the cheese-making process used by Vermont farmers.

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It surpasses every national, regional, state and county air quality regulation. Apply with brush, paint pad, or spray. Two coats are recommended. Recoat in one hour under normal conditions.


Under normal conditions treated wood will be fully cured in 48 hours. One gallon will cover approximately sq. This item description was written by Joel Hirshberg. We've been selling oil based products for exterior use only because we have not felt confident that a water-based product would perform well — until now. State Nexus Fee may apply A state nexus fee will be applied to this item if drop shipped to the following states:.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Click here to read more about the state nexus fee. Green Building Supply, founded in , continues to be the nation's trusted source for the best non-toxic and eco-friendly building materials. We specialize in products that are safe for everyone—including the chemically sensitive—as well as safe for pets and the environment. Whether you're remodeling or building a new green home, you'll find our experienced eco-advisors can help you choose the safest alternatives for your home.

We ship nationwide. Feel free to call us at or visit our SF showroom. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletters that share:. By signing up, you agree to receive Green Building Supply emails and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time. See our Privacy Policy for more details. Finding the right floor is a lot more complicated than just picking the right color.

Answer a few simple questions and we'll get you the right type of flooring for your project. Free Shipping! We recommend a sample before you order! Refundable Samples. Order as many floor samples as you like and we'll ship all samples to you for free! You may then return them, within six months, and receive a refund for all returned samples. Please note: We do not reimburse for return shipping costs. How much do I need?

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Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. High performance, one-step, non-toxic wood stain-sealer Cold Weather Alert: This product may not perform properly if applied below the required temperature. Do not thin.

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Can be applied over oil-based stain or finish, as well as other water-based finishes. Sand with the grain to completely remove old finishes. Just bring your measurements and we can help you plan and design a deck to suit your needs. Built above ground and attached to the home on at least one side.

Premium Deck Board 28mm X 140mm X 2.4m

A ledger board attached to the house wall supports the joists on one side. Above ground alongside the home or on its own in the yard. This type of deck requires 2 double beams and extra 4x4 posts for balanced support. This type of deck is installed directly on the ground with pressure treated framing. Bring in your ideas and measurements and the knowledgeable salespeople at RONA can help you plan your new deck project right from the start. Measure and indicate all door locations, stairs as well as the placement of existing obstructions such as chimneys and trees.

Indicate the main wall, the portion attached to the house and the orientation of the deck boards. Note any modifications to the main deck such as clipped or rounded corners, notches and their sizes. Functional, attractive and ready to use, prebuilt lattice panels Panels in your choice of cedar, pressure treated or vinyl can be added to your deck package. Ideal as a privacy screen, for skirting or added to your railing design. The secret to creating an inviting ambience and ensuring that everyone moves around safely on the deck lies in a well-designed integrated lighting system. Several electric or solar-powered models are available.

The finishing touch that makes all the difference! Opt for a classic or modern post cap, or one with integrated lighting, in a material that will blend in with your deck or add a bit of whimsy.

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Deck strippers and cleaners can be useful to restore an existing deck or to properly care for your new deck. RONA offers a wide variety of paint and stain from well-known brands in multiple colours and finishes. Remember to protect your deck with a protective agent for wood extremities. Visit a participating RONA store in your area or fill out the online form to get an estimate on your entire renovation project.

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