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The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounter's: A Definitive, Illustrated - Google книги

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You can then click on tabs at the top of the search results to list only results from forums, only results from websites I have labelled as "skeptical" etc. I have included tabs for a couple of specific websites that I find particularly useful, including the valuable archives of the UFO UpDates email discussion List.

The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

The relevant websites are all listed in the discussion of the "UFO Searchillion" search engine in Section 2. The relevant search box is one of the two main tools on this website which are intended to help reduce the amount of reinvention of the wheel within UFOlogy. The other main tool is the collection of tables of references to discussion of UFO incidents, personalities and other matters in various books. Those tables can be sorted by author, length and date.