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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: poetry reading. Love and devotion poetry readings by Helen Morse. Actor Helen Morse introduces lyrical works written by the great Persian poets of the past. As a poet, Hafiz was extremely popular during his lifetime with his diwan being of particular significance.

He also mastered the art of composing the ghazal also known as the sonnet. He composed a number of Sufic ghazals , mostly containing seven beyts , although others contain more than seven and have been the subject of intense analysis over the subsequent years.

The Rubaiyat Of Hafiz

Over a fifty-year period, Hafiz composed some ghazals and 42 Rubaiyees, with a smaller number of Ghaseedehs thrown in. Here is an example of his work — the opening lines of Ghazal He seems to have occasionally courted controversy amongst students of Persian Literature. It has been suggested that some of his work conveys subtle Sufic messages to those who are clever enough to interpret such hidden thoughts. The suggestion is that he portrays profane love, hidden behind allegorical symbolism.

Shams al-Din Hafiz Poems > My poetic side

It seems, though, that it depends on where you come from as to how you interpret this work. Let me cut the story short, Please return, cause you I miss. I spent my life chasing my wishes What benefits fate furnishes?

Whomever to I said I loved you, Turned to my foe, why my luck ravishes? My constant companion is only pain, My lover has only bought me sorrow. When there is wine, no need to cry; Army of sorrows, no need to defy. Your lips are green, bring forth the wine. Drinking at the green, everyone must try. Beauty of the rose you eclipse, Every bud quietly away slips. How can the rose compete with you?

Rose shines in moonlight, moon in your grips. Too soon you gave up on the lovers, Alas, your heart has rocks in store. Every flower its beauty bestows, Your lips the dearest gems dispose.

The Ruba`iyat of Hafiz

May your lips nurture our souls With the wine that every spirit knows. Let not your thoughts constantly be fought, Let thoughts in patience and joy be caught.

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What patience? Cause what they call the heart Is a drop of blood, and a thousand thought. Bring me the cup that preys on joy; Bring me a lover who is shy and coy. The wine that twists and turns like a chain Bring me to enslave and destroy. With good company and harp and reed In a corner, jug of wine and time to heed, The warmth of wine runs through my veins, Why should I succumb to my greed?

How long upon our lives you prey? I wish that fate would cease this carnage, And to the lovers give their due wage. In times of youth the rein in my hands, Now on the saddle, I ride in old age. If like me, you too fall in this trap, Hold the wine and cup upon your lap.